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How to publish R markdown documents?

R Markdown document is a document that weaves your writing along with your R code similar to that of Git Markdown file. RPubs support you to publish the R Markdown documents on the web with just a click of a button. Requirements RStudio, R Software, and knitr package Steps to […]Read More

What is Simplified Technical English (STE)?

ASD-STE100 is a controlled language to facilitate users of English-language maintenance documentation for better understanding. It has been applied for more than 27 years. It is adopted by Technical Writers as rule-based writing. It is a kind of language with rules in which information is well-organized for end-users with precise […]Read More

Believing Seven Myths About ASD-STE100 Keeps You From Growing

There are a few prevalent misconceptions in ASD-STE100 that requires invalidation with corresponding arguments. 1. Differences in Global English and Simplified English Global English and Simplified English are different from each other. Global English is applicable globally while Simplified English is a controlled language applicable to all audiences to understand […]Read More

Why you need Microsoft Style of Technical Publication?

In Technical Communication, it is mandatory to adopt a style guide for documentation. It is essential to adhere to those standards as per the style guide. Microsoft Style of Technical Publications [MSTP] remains key style guide and easy-to-adopt standards for technical documentation. It is suitable for all software and hardware […]Read More

Basic Standards of Flowcharts

Flowcharts represent the functionalities or proposed use of flowchart symbols of a process in sequential steps. Flowcharts remain the perfect diagrams for a visual representation of the business processes. For example, if there is a requirement to present the flow of a customized ordering process via several divisions within your […]Read More

Know about Documentation Standards

Documents are the records required as a mandatory component by the firms either in soft copy or hard copy and must be maintained as per the standards within the scope. Before moving to know about the documents and their standards, check the terms that are used in the document development. […]Read More